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The Best Tips About Afrikaans Numbers 1 – 30 and Beyond


Without language, numbers make no sense. Yet it’s also true that numbers are a language all of their own! So, when you learn a new language, familiarizing yourself with its numeral system should be one of your first priorities, as numbers are a way to indicate value and meaning of all kinds. In Afrikaans language-learning, numbers are equally essential.

At AfrikaansPod101, we understand that numbers are vitally important in all languages, and that’s why we take extra effort to help you master them. Learn Afrikaans numbers 1 to 30 easily and in fun ways, starting right here with our numbers in Afrikaans dictionary/guide!

Table of Contents

  1. Numbers vs. Numerals
  2. Afrikaans Numbers 1 to 20
  3. Numbers in Afrikaans 21 to 30, etc.
  4. Tips to Easily Memorize the Numeral Terms
  5. AfrikaansPod101 and Learning Afrikaans Numbers Easily

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1. Numbers vs. Numerals

Afrikaans Numbers

First, let’s clear up the distinction between “numbers” and “numerals.”

As explained beautifully clear in, a number is a count or measurement that’s really an idea in our minds. There are different ways of referring to the same number, such as by writing the numeral (4), using a word to say it (four), holding up four fingers, or snapping your fingers four times.

A numeral is, as demonstrated above, a symbol or name that stands for a number. Therefore, we can say that the number is the idea, while the numeral is how we write it.

The Afrikaans numeral system (or Afrikaans number words) is based on the Western Arabic numerals, which is the most-used numeral system in the world today. It’s not really difficult, once you grasp the system.

The trick is to memorize the first twenty numbers. From twenty to ninety-nine, they follow another, fairly easy pattern. Then, things change again from 100 onwards, and again at 1000 and so forth, but not much.

You’ll easily catch on, and before you know it, you’ll be counting numbers in Afrikaans language! Without further ado, our guide on Afrikaans numbers 1-100, and far beyond…

2. Afrikaans Numbers 1 to 20


1- Explanation of the Rules:

  • Afrikaans numbers from zero to twelve are specific words.
  • From thirteen to nineteen, numbers are put together by adding the –tien suffix after the unit. This is the same as in English, which adds the “-teen” suffix, like in thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, etc.

Below are the numerals and words for cardinal numbers. We also give the ordinal word for zero, as well as numbers one to twenty in Afrikaans.

As explained on Wikipedia, ordinal numbers are words representing position or rank in a sequential order. The order may refer to anything from size to importance to chronology (such as “fourth”, “tertiary,” etc.). They differ from cardinal numerals, which represent quantity (such as “three” ) and other types of numerals.

That said, here’s an Afrikaans number chart for 1-20 with both Afrikaans ordinal numbers and cardinal numbers.

[Numeral – Symbol] [Cardinal Numbers – Words] [Ordinal Numbers – Words]
0 Nil n/a
1 Een Eerste
2 Twee Tweede
3 Drie Derde
4 Vier Vierde
5 Vyf Vyfde
6 Ses Sesde
7 Sewe Sewende
8 Agt Agste
9 Nege Negende
10 Tien Tiende
11 Elf Elfde
12 Twaalf Twaalfde
13 Dertien Dertiende
14 Veertien Veertiende
15 Vyftien Vyftiende
16 Sestien Sestiende
17 Sewentien Sewentiende
18 Agtien Agtiende
19 Negentien Negentiende
20 Twintig Twintigste

Learn in only three minutes how to count from one to ten in Afrikaans!

Man Studying

3. Numbers in Afrikaans 21 to 30, etc.

Now the number formulations for twenty-one to thirty in Afrikaans (and beyond) change a bit, but not much.

1- Explanation of the Rules:

  • Except for ten itself, the tens are formed by adding the –tig suffix at the end of the matching digit. Sometimes this involves a change in the word, like in twintig or dertig.
  • From twenty-one to ninety-nine, the tens and units are prefixed with en– meaning “and.”
  • “Hundreds” ( honderde) and “thousands” (duisende) are built by prefixing the scale word with the multiplier unit.
  • In Afrikaans, we use the long scale for big numbers. This means that every new word greater than a million is one-million times bigger than the previous term. You definitely want to be an Afrikaanse biljoener or an “Afrikaans billionaire,” because it means that een miljard is 109 (which is the U.S. billion), and een biljoen is 1012. This is a thousand U.S. billions.

With these rules out of the way, here’s another Afrikaans numbers list starting at 21.

[Numeral – Symbol] [Cardinal Numbers – Words] [Ordinal Numbers – Words]
21 Een-en-twintig Een-en-twintigste
22 Twee-en-twintig Twee-en-twintigste
23 Drie-en-twintig Drie-en-twintigste
24 Vier-en-twintig Vier-en-twintigste
25 Vyf-en-twintig Vyf-en-twintigste
26 Ses-en-twintig Ses-en-twintigste
27 Sewe-en-twintig Sewe-en-twintigste
28 Agt-en-twintig Agt-en-twintigste
29 Nege-en-twintig Nege-en-twintigste
30 Dertig Dertigste
31 Een-en-dertig Een-en-dertigste (etc.)
40 Veertig Veertigste
41 Een-en-veertig Een-en-veertigste (etc.)
50 Vyftig Vyftigste
51 Een-en-vyftig Een-en-vyftigste (etc.)
60 Sestig Sestigste (follow the formula as demonstrated in the previous tens)
70 Sewentig Sewentigste
80 Tagtig Tagtigste
90 Negentig Negentigste
100 Honderd Honderdste
101 Honderd-en-een Honderd-en-eerste (Here, the suffix changes to the ordinal word for one to nine. Refer back to previous column.)
1000 Duisend Duisendste
10 000 Tienduisend Tienduisendste
100 000 Honderdduisend Honderdduisendste
100 000 000 Miljoen Miloenste

So, now you have the basics! As said, the best way to get on top of Afrikaans numbers would be to:

1) Study the system until it makes sense to you.
2) Memorize numbers 1 – 20, as well as the tens (they are the odd ones).
3) Practice, practice, and practice! Repeat your and your friends’ cell numbers in Afrikaans, for instance. Or read the prices of merchandise in Afrikaans while you shop! Or listen to recordings of the numbers in Afrikaans over and over again to work on your Afrikaans numbers pronunciation. You’ll get there!

Little Girl Counting on Her Fingers

Here are some tips to memorize new, unfamiliar number words.

4. Tips to Easily Memorize the Numeral Terms

1- Memory Systems

Memory is a funny thing. Can you still remember the stuff you learned in school purely by rote? Probably not so well. This is mainly because using rote learning isn’t the best memory system at all, and retention is very poor after a while.

There are other systems to learn new words that have proven to be much more successful. They help you use your brain in a different way, allowing you to retain the information much longer. One such method is the Visualization & Association (V & A) technique, as described and taught by Memory Improvement Tips.

The three basic steps of the V&A technique are as follows:

3.1 Use “substitute words” to create an association with the Afrikaans number you’re trying to remember. For instance, the word drie or “three” in Afrikaans sounds just like “dream” but without the -m at the end.

3.2 Use your imagination to create vivid mental images of the ideas. The sillier, funnier, and more outrageous, the better! Also, super-size these images in your mind, and add as much animation as possible. Yup, the process can be great fun, and these are all good “hooks” into your memory! How would you visualize an outrageous dream, without the -m? And how would you visualize the number three?

3.3 Mentally link the visual images you created to each other. How would you associate your outrageous dream-image with the outrageous number three image?

Woman Thinking

2- Other Tips

The British Council also has a few very handy tips for learning and memorizing new vocabulary:

1. Keep an organized vocabulary notebook.
2. Look at the words again after 24 hours, after one week, and again after one month.
3. Read, read, read. The more times you “see” a word, the more easily you’ll remember it.
4. Use the new words. You need to use a new word about ten times before you remember it!
5. Do word puzzles and games like crosswords, anagrams, and word-searches.
6. Make word cards and take them with you. Read them on the bus or when you’re waiting for your friends.
7. Learn words with a friend. It can be more fun (and easier) to learn with someone else.
8. Learn a few number words in Afrikaans, but not too many. About eight new words a day is a good number.

5. AfrikaansPod101 and Learning Afrikaans Numbers Easily

We hope you enjoyed learning about Afrikaans numbers so far! Are you ready to start practicing these, or are there some you’re still struggling with? Let us know in the comments!

Afrikaans is a phonetic language, meaning you mostly pronounce the words as they’re written. Again, AfrikaansPod101 takes the lead with many excellent Afrikaans learning tools to help you master numbers and so much more, easily and almost effortlessly! When you learn about numbers in Afrikaans, lessons like this are helpful, but we have so many more learning options for you, too!

These tools include:

1. An extensive vocabulary list, updated regularly.
2. Every day, there’s a new Afrikaans word to learn. Use the tips described above, and master this word easily!
3. Learn the Afrikaans numbers in context, meaning you get to know how to use them in specific situations, like when you place an order!
4. Access to numerous topical recordings, such as this Afrikaans Vocab Builder.
5. A free Afrikaans online dictionary.
6. An excellent 100 Core Afrikaans Words list!

Learn much faster with the help of a personal tutor, who will first let you take an assessment test to personalize your training. They’ll guide you to fast-track your pronunciation and enunciation of the numbers.

They’ll also be very helpful when you bump into challenges during your studies and learning. Your very own friendly, Afrikaans-speaking teacher will be only a text away on a special app, anywhere, anytime. Using a guided learning system, developed by experts in language and online education, they’ll be giving you personal feedback and constant support to improve quickly. You’ll also be tasked with weekly assignments in reading, writing, and speaking to really hone your Afrikaans speaking skills.

Don’t hesitate—enroll with AfrikaansPod101 now to learn Afrikaans numbers 1 to 30 and so much more.

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