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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, we will cover a phrase that you will be able to use in all those moments in which you are introducing yourself, or even friends, and you are talking about your own country and the place you come from.

Lesson focus

First, let's review how to introduce ourselves. In Afrikaans, "My name is Adam" is My naam is Adam. Let's break it down by syllable and see it one more time.
(slow) My naam is Adam.
My naam is Adam.
Here we have the phrase My naam is, which means, "my name is."
(slow) My naam is
My naam is
This is followed by the name. In our example, Adam.
Altogether, we have My naam is Adam. "My name is Adam."
Now let's go and cover how to say where you're from! In Afrikaans, "I am an American" is Ek is Amerikaans.
(slow) Ek is Amerikaans.
Ek is Amerikaans.
The first two words, Ek is, mean, "I am."
(slow) Ek is
Ek is
Next, we have Amerikaans, which in English, is "an American."
(slow) Amerikaans
All together, we have Ek is Amerikaans, meaning, "I am an American."
In Afrikaans, "I am a Canadian" is Ek is Kanadees.
(slow) Ek is Kanadees.
Ek is Kanadees.
As you can see, the verb doesn't change. You always have Ek is, or "I am." Then the only thing that changes is the nationality. Therefore, you just need to replace Kanadees with Amerikaans.
Let’s hear the full sentence once again.
Ek is Kanadees. "I am a Canadian."
This phrase is used to answer the question Waar kom jy vandaan? In English, this means, "Where are you from?"
(slow) Waar kom jy vandaan?
Waar kom jy vandaan?
The first word, waar, means, "where...from."
(slow) waar
Then we have kom. It’s the verb meaning "to come."
(slow) kom
Next we have jy, meaning "you.”
(slow) jy
The last component is vandaan. It means "from," when it's used in combination with the verb "to come."
(slow) vandaan
Altogether, we have Waar kom jy vandaan? "Where are you from?"


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