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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, we will cover some high-frequency adjectives to help you express yourself in various situations.

Lesson focus

In Afrikaans, "It's delicious" is Dit is heerlik. Let's break it down by syllable.
(slow) Dit is heer-lik.
Dit is heerlik.
The first word, Dit, means, "it."
(slow) Dit
Then we have is meaning ”is.”
(slow) is
Next, we have, heerlik, meaning, "delicious."
(slow) heerlik
To recap, we have Dit is heerlik. meaning ”It's delicious."
When describing something in Afrikaans, you have to use Dit meaning “it", then the present form of the verb "to be," which is is, and then the adjective.
Now let's go over some other adjectives that you can use with the pattern we just introduced. Let's try "spicy," in Afrikaans. "It's spicy" is Dit is skerp.
(slow) Dit is skerp.
Dit is skerp.
Here, we have the word for "spicy" which is skerp.
(slow) Skerp.
If you are talking about a person, you can use one of these adjectives.
“tall" – lank
"short" – kort
"fat" – vet
"thin" – dun
Let’s take a look at another adjective. When you want to say "she is pretty," in Afrikaans, you can say Sy is mooi.
(slow) Sy is mooi.
Sy is mooi. “She is pretty.”
On the other hand, if you are talking about a man, you would say, Hy is aantreklik which means "He's attractive.” You can use the word aantreklik meaning “attractive.” Let’s hear the full sentence again.
(slow) Hy is aantreklik.
Hy is aantreklik. “He’s attractive.”
Now let's look at the negative. In Afrikaans, "It's not spicy" is Dit is nie skerp nie.
(slow) Dit is nie skerp nie.
Dit is nie skerp nie.
You only need to add the negation nie twice - one in front of the adjective and the other at the end. All together, we have Dit is nie skerp nie. "It's not spicy."

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