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Lesson Transcript

This lesson will introduce you to some phrases that we hope you won't have to use. In addition, this phrase is not limited to threatening situations, but you can also use it in the unfortunate event that you or someone around you is in need of immediate assistance. In this lesson, you will learn how to call for help.
Even if everyone wishes nothing bad or dangerous will happen while on holiday in South Africa, it's better if you know some important useful phrases to use in case of an emergency.
In Afrikaans, "Help!" is Help! Let's hear it once again slowly.
(slow) Help.
Now let's see it again. Help! It means ”Help!"
There is another way to call for help, and that is Hulp!
(slow) Hulp!
Hulp! This expression also means, "Help!"
If you need to call the police, say Polisie! Let's hear it once again slowly.
(slow) Polisie!
Polisie! It means ”Police!"
The phone number for the police in South Africa is 10111, or “ten-triple one”. You can easily call it from a public phone or a cell phone. Make sure that in an emergency you know how to ask for a public phone.

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Hi listeners! I hope you'll never have to use these sentences! Have you ever met this situation?