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Lesson Transcript

Whatever your reason for traveling to South Africa, you won't leave the country without having met people. Therefore it's necessary to learn how to introduce yourself and how to respond to people introducing themselves. So let's jump right in.

Lesson focus

Let’s say your name is Allan. To introduce yourself in Afrikaans, you can say..
My naam is Allan.which means “My name is Allan.”
(slow) My naam is Allan.
My naam is Allan.
The first word, My, means "my." Then we have naam, which is for “name.” Then we have the word is, which is equivalent to “is” in English. Then we have your name. In this sentence we used Allan, but you can also put your name here instead. Altogether we have My naam is Allan, which means "My name is Allan." When using this form of introduction, you should only say your first name because it will sound too formal if you use both your first and last names.
After that let’s learn "It’s nice to meet you" for formal situations. In Afrikaans, you can say Aan'gename kennis
(slow) Aan'gename kennis
Aan'gename kennis
First, we have aan'gename which means "It’s pleasant”
(slow) aan'gename
Then we have kennis which means “to make your acquaintance”
(slow) kennis
To make your sentence sound polite you can add meneer, meaning "sir," or mevrou, meaning “ma’am,” at the end of the sentence.
Aan'gename kennis meneer.
“It’s nice to meet you, sir.”
Aan'gename kennis mevrou
“It’s nice to meet you, ma’am.”
In both formal and informal cases you can say aan'gename kennis to mean “It's nice to meet you."
(slow) aan'gename kennis.
aan'gename kennis.


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Hello Listeners, can you introduce yourself in Afrikaans?

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Hallo Aizhan

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Hallo, ek is Aizhan.

I am a real beginner, as I have only recently heard this language for the first time live.

I like your lessons very much! It is very helpful to read and hear the pronunciation at the same time and also that you provide with normal and slow versions of pronouncing the words :thumbsup:

Thank you so much.

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