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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, we will continue to learn more phrases that will help you with basic etiquette. South Africans are very hospitable, and use phrases of gratitude quite often. Even if you don’t get the chance to use plesier, the phrase for "You're welcome," during your trip to South Africa, there's a very good chance you will hear it. So let's have a closer look at it!

Lesson focus

In Afrikaans, “You’re welcome” is Dit is 'n plesier.. It literally means “It’s a pleasure.” Let's break it down by syllable.
(slow) Dit is 'n plesier.
Now let's hear it one more time.
dit is 'n plesier
First we have Dit is meaning “it is.”
(slow) Dit is
Dit is
Then we have the article 'n, which is spelled “apostrophe, n”, and plesier meaning “pleasure.”
(slow) 'n plesier
'n plesier
All together, we have “It’s a pleasure.” which you can use to say “You’re welcome.”
(slow) dit is 'n plesier
dit is 'n plesier
You can also say geen probleem nie. It means “no problem.”
(slow) geen probleem nie.
geen probleem nie.
First we have geen, meaning “no.”
Next we have probleem, meaning “problem.”
(slow) probleem
Finally, we have nie, meaning “not.”
(slow) nie
All together, we have “No problem.”
(slow) geen probleem nie.
geen probleem nie.
To respond to someone thanking you, you can also say “It’s nothing.” In Afrikaans, this is... Dit is niks nie.
(slow) Dit is niks nie.
Dit is niks nie.
First we have.. Dit meaning “it.”
(slow) Dit
Then we have is, equivalent to the English word “is.”
(slow) is
Next we have.. niks meaning “nothing.”
(slow) niks
When someone says dankie or “thank you” in Afrikaans, you can respond by saying “It’s a pleasure.” dit is 'n plesier, “No problem,” Geen probleem nie, or “It’s nothing,” Dit is niks nie. You can also say “You’re welcome” or Jy is Welkom. You can use them in both formal and informal situations.