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Lesson Transcript

Hallo almal! Ek is Annemarie. Hi everybody! I’m Annemarie. Welcome to AfrikaansPod101.com’s “Afrikaans in 3 minuten”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Afrikaans.
In the last lesson, you learned how to talk about nationality.
In this lesson you are going to learn how to ask “Where are you” in Afrikaans, and how to answer when you get asked the same question.
Let’s start! Imagine you’re supposed to meet your Afrikaner friend but can’t find her. You call her phone and want to ask “Where are you?”
In Afrikaans, that would be Waar is jy?
[slowly] Waar is jy?
Let's break it down.
Waar means "Where"
is means "are”.
And jy, as you know, is the word for "you".
Altogether, it is Waar is jy?
[slowly] Waar is jy?
Please note that “are”, “is” and “am” are all translated as is in Afrikaans. Easy, right?
Answering this question is very simple! You just say Ek is + the place where you are.
Ek is means “I am”. So for example, you can say Ek is in die straat which is "I am in the street"
[slowly] Ek is in de straat.
Now let’s see a few other possible answers, all using “I am”-
"I am at the office" would be Ek is op kantoor.
"I am in a meeting" would be Ek is in ‘n vergadering.
"I am in a store" would be Ek is in ‘n winkel.
Now it’s time for Annemarie’s Tips.
Some of these words can also be used to ask a very useful question if you are lost – Ek weet nie waar ek is nie, kan jy my help asseblief?
That means “I don’t know where I am, can you help me please?”
[slowly] Ek weet nie waar ek is nie, kan jy help asseblief?
In this lesson, you learned how to talk about your location. Next time, you’ll learn how to talk about people's age. Do you want to know how to ask someone’s age? I’ll tell you how to do just that in the next Afrikaans in 3 minuten lesson. Lekker dag!