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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! It's Christine! We're here today in today's lesson, 20 Words You'll Need for the Beach, which is obviously where I am right now.
I don't have all those 20 things, but we'll go through the list and then you can keep your checklist for the next time you're heading to a beautiful place like this.
1. sonbrille
Sy het die mooiste sonbrille.
"She has the most beautiful sunglasses."
She being me! I definitely do. They are very comfortable and it’s really nice if you have this string to keep it around your neck and when you are on the beach, if it’s a kind of cloudy day like today, you don’t really need that but then every now and then, the sun just peeps out at you and you just go,
Voila! I can see!
But not today... because it is cloudy and I don’t really need them.
2. Strand
Ons gaan more Durban Strand toe.
"We are going to the Durban beach tomorrow."
Well, if you are going to Durban beach tomorrow, lucky you! That’s the nicest place where the water is all nice and warm and you can swim in the sun surrounded by lovely, wonderfully happy people. So if you are going to Durban Strand tomorrow, then, you are a really lucky person. I am not at Durban Strand and the sea here is a lot colder. So I won’t be swimming today but if you go, enjoy.
3. Swem
Ek swem in die see.
"I am swimming in the sea."
Clearly like I just said, I am not swimming in the sea today because it is freezing here but if you are at the Durban Strand, then the sea is where you want to be.
4. Son
Die son gaan jou brand.
"The sun is going to burn you."
Well, the sun is quite strong in South Africa. So if you are planning on tanning, you may not get that sun cream out because it will burn you. You will get nice and brown maybe if it’s nice, if you got a strong skin but it’s better to be safe than sorry because no one wants a sunburn. It’s very, very painful and itchy when you go to bed.
5. Palmboom
"palm tree"
Sy sit onder die palmboom.
"She is sitting under the palm tree."
She being me isn’t sitting under a palm tree but if you’re at the Durban Strand, there’s probably a couple of palm trees around and you know, there is lovely tropical beaches and there’s lots of pineapple or coconut sort of things. If you are in one of those places, you can definitely be using this word Palmboom and maybe you can go sit under one and then, you can be the she sitting under the palm tree.
6. Seeskulp
Dit is 'n pienk seeskulp.
"This is a pink seashell."
Well, as you can see, I do not have a pink seashell to show you. At the moment, it was very rough high tide here last night. So all the shells are a little bit under the sand and all over the place and I couldn’t really find a nice pink one to show you today but I challenge you to go find me one and let me know later in the comments if you found a beautiful pink seashell. A beautiful pink seeskulp.
7. swembroek
Ek het 'n nuwe swembroek gekoop.
"I bought a new swimsuit."
I did buy a new swimsuit in the beginning of the year when it was full time summer blazing, in the sun all day every day. Right now, I am not going to show you my swimsuit because like I said before, it’s super cold here and it’s not my time to swim but it might be yours. So go get your new swembroek and get in that water and splash around.
8. oseaan
Die oseaan is mooi en blou vandag.
"The ocean is nice and blue today."
Well, it is. I mean, I don’t know if you can see very well but it’s beautiful and blue. Lot of those times where it’s like spring tide or something and then the water goes all murky and brown and really ehh but not today and not most of the time. So if you are at the ocean, if you are at the strand, have a look at the sea. See what color it is. Try to decipher what shade of blue it is. I love playing that game and then you can run around to say a color and then you actually search the color and see which one of you got the one and you go in. But it’s quite nice to note just the little things and note just the actual color of the ocean water or the sand around you or even the plants and things on the tree like note just what the little leaves look like, what the little bird walking on the sand’s little feet look like. These little details really add to having the most wonderful, fulfilling beach day experience. So check out the sea, check if it’s blue and if it is, then, die oseaan is mooi en blou.
9. Waterponie
"jet ski"
"My seun wil graag op die waterponie ry."
My son would really like to go on the jet ski.
Ah Jet skis are quite dangerous things but they are super, super fun if you get to ride one. So you must always just be sure that the waves aren’t too crazy, there is not too much going on around you and if you have the lucky chance to go on a waterponie, then, enjoy it. Don’t go wild. We all want to live to tell the tale but if you do get to, you are very lucky. Make sure you have fun, make sure you are safe and then come back and tell us all about it.
10. strand handdoek
"beach towel"
"My strand handdoek is nog nat."
“My beach towel is still wet.”
Well, I have my beach towel here today and it’s not still wet and one funky thing about beach towels is they are not like all the towels we’ve heard. They are colourful. They have lots of patterns and the fun thing is, if your swembroek isn’t so colourful and you decided to just go for the plain black one or plain yellow one, you can always jazz up your beach look by having a funky towel or a funky bag or funky hat or funky sunglasses, sonbrille. So, that’s one great thing about the strand experience. You always have these colors and patterns. So just add them altogether and make your look unique which is great and beautiful and fun and it attracts lots of people.
11. strand stoel
"beach chair"
"Ek het 'n groen strand stoel gekoop."
I bought a green beach chair.
I don’t have a beach chair here today, unfortunately, but they are great if you don’t like sand and you don’t like getting sand all in your legs, in your feet when you are sitting down or on your towel and every time you come back to your towel, you have to get off all the sand and then the sand goes in your friend’s eyes and then blah blah blah. So, just all craziness. One way to avoid that is getting a strand stool. You can sit comfortably. You are not too sandy but just sandy enough to still say you are on the beach. So if you are one of those people who doesn’t like sand in the end or all blah blah blah, go get a groen strand stoel or another color but green ones are nice and you will fit in with the nature around you.
12. sand kasteel
Die kinders bou 'n sand kasteel.
"The children are building a sandcastle."
Who doesn’t love building sandcastles on the beach. You don’t have to be a child to do that. I actually did it yesterday with the little kid. So I was playing with him but I think I was the one enjoying it more than he was. You can build big ones, small ones, lots of little ones and altogether, you can make those drippy ones with wet sand like sandcastles are endless creations of fun and creativity. So if you don’t like building one with a bucket and spade and all that stuff and you are one of the looser creative types, you can use your hands, use tools. The best thing about sand is, you can do almost anything with it.
So go. When you are next at the beach, go make a spectacularly amazing sandcastle and show your friends, take a photo, post it on Instagram, do whatever. But most of all, before doing all those things, just enjoy it. It’s such a nice thing to just play with your hands and do things and make things and it’s such a nice stress relief. So not only are you in the fun, in the sun having fun, swimming in your nuwe swembroek, using your hands, stress relief, creativity. It’s just what a better way to spend your day at the beach and making sandcastle.
13. gety
Die gety is baie hoog vandag.
"The tide is very high today."
Well, actually, it’s not where I am right now. It’s actually quite low tide but yesterday it was such a hoog day. I came to the beach and we could only walk on like this much sand because there’s so much water everywhere. And sometimes it’s nice to be here at low tide because there is lots of sand for you to walk on and play on and run on and do whatever you want to do on the beach; but actually, it’s also really nice to have, you know, a hoog day because then you are seeing all the little bubbles and all the little snails that come out of the ocean, and the whole beach becomes alive because there is so much life in the water that’s now surrounding the beach that you are usually running on. So it’s quite cool that it changes so much in one day but that space of sand is enjoyed by not only us when it’s low tide but also by all the little sea creatures living in the sea sand that we don’t really notice until its hoog day and then come out and swim and play and whatever. So it’s quite a cool thought to think of. Don’t you think?
14. tan
Ek het 'n lekker tan gekry.
"I got a nice tan."
Well, thank you. I mean, I heard about it. I don’t know. I didn’t spend too much time in the sun this summer because it was a superhot one and I didn’t want to damage my skin, but it’s always nice when you spend the whole day at the beach. You come home and you are not so red like a lobster. But actually you think you’ve like got some color and it looks good and people are complimenting you and it’s a great feeling. So just make sure that when you are in the sun, you are tanning and not burning because it doesn’t feel the same. The response is not quite the same. People are laughing at you instead of winking at you or whatever the positive thing is. So just make sure it’s a tan and not a burn.
15. Snorkel
Ons gaan almal more snorkel.
We are all going snorkelling tomorrow."
Lucky you. How cool like all the little creatures I was talking about earlier that live in the ocean in the shallow waters, in the little rock pools. If you go to snorkel, you definitely have to check them out because you can see what they like, what they like doing, all the little anemones and the little mussels and if you go to snorkel, you must definitely gaan snorkel more.
16. plakkie
Sy het haar plakkie verloor.
"She lost her flip-flip."
Shame for the girl because I have mine here. They are the two saving graces of the beach day. You never really use them. So they are kind of annoying while you are on the strand but before and after while you walk into the car or walk into the home or wherever you are coming from, they help you on the rocky, gravelly roads and they save you until you get to the soft silky sand.
17. sonskerm
My man het die sonskerm gebring.
"My husband brought the sunscreen."
What a nice guy! Like I said earlier, we want a tan. We don’t want a burn. So we got to make sure that someone – if you don’t have a husband, that’s okay and just make sure someone or you even remember the sunscreen, remember to put it on a little while before you come into the sun because otherwise... ouchie lobster time tonight.
18. Bikini
Bikinis is altyd in die mode.
"Bikinis are always in fashion."
They are. I actually did a study on bikinis the other day and we learnt how over time they’ve gone from being a full swimsuit to being a two-piece to being a big and a small piece to being a two smaller pieces and it seemed to always be getting smaller. I wonder who is designing them but anyway, they are nice if you want to get a tan and not a burn. They are nice if you want to get some color and also some freedom and you have complete looseness about your body and you can swim and feel the water. They are great things. Just make sure that you’re wearing them right and for the right reasons but they are beautiful and if you’ve got the body, flaunt it.
19. roomys
"ice cream"
Aarbei roomys is die lekkerste.
"Strawberry ice cream is the nicest."
That is actually my favorite ice cream flavour or milkshake flavour, even better, when you mush it all together into a drink but what a good beach it is if there’s a little stall selling ice cream and it’s such a hot day in the sun. You are all sweaty and all you want is something cold but unfortunately you’ve got the koelerboks with all the koeldranke. So now, what are you going to do? You are going to buy an ice cream. What’s your favorite flavour? Strawberry ice cream. Ice cream on the beach, roomys op die strand, is the best solution to the sticking uncomfortableness of the hot sun.
20. sand
"sand "
Ek het sand in my skoene.
"I have sand in my shoes."
Well, if you’ve got pluckies, you’re not going to have sand in your shoes because they are just going to fall off, obviously, but it’s the main ingredient for the sand kasteel that you want to build. So it’s always good to have it. You’re not going to have them in your spinner but sand is the thing that makes the beach day the beach day whether it’s flying around and irritating you on your towel, whether it’s in your skoene, whether it’s in your roomys, whether you’ll be using it to build a sandcastle, a sand kasteel, it’s the main ingredient. So look at it, appreciate it. Notice the color, notice the granules, notice the little seeskulpe in it. Just basically enjoy your beach day using all these 20 words.
So we’ve come to the end of the lesson today. I hope these 20 words were relevant to your beach day and that you will use them the next time you go and I hope that you go soon because the beach day is the best day, best beach day to go. Enjoy!