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Hi, guys! I'm Christine and I'm here to do some Afrikaans with you today in today's lesson - 10 ways to save the planet, which is super appropriate because we all know it's Earth Day coming up on the 22nd of April. So get ready to learn what you can do, to put in your part and let’s save the planet together.
1. herwin “to recycle”
Dit is baie goed om te herwin. “It is very good to recycle.”
It is very good to recycle. We all know it's really easy but so many people don't do it and we don't know why. All you need to do is when you have a plastic bottle, a glass bottle, a can of coke, just put it in a separate pile into your rubbish and then take it to the right bins. You don't have to do all the hard work of sorting through everything or actually putting it through the machine. Someone else does that for you so you really do have the easy part. Just put in a little bit of extra effort and don't just dump it in the rubbish bin with all the other gross food that you put in there.
2. vrywilliger “to volunteer”
Dit kan baie tyd vat om ꞌn vrywilliger te wees. “It can take a lot of time to be a volunteer.”
It can take a lot of time, but just imagine how much time you spend every day watching Netflix or series that yeah they’re good, they’re funny and they let you relax, but what a better way to spend your extra time than to just put some hours in volunteering every day, making a real difference to something or someone and you can even get so much out of it yourself like you'll feel so much better and it's such a great way. Just put some hours in. Put even some minutes in, just volunteer at least once a week or something or even once a month. It's such a warming experience and you should really try to be a vrywilliger every now and then.
3. beskerm “to protect”
Ons moet ons planeet beskerm teen onsself. “We have to protect our planet against ourselves.”
Sadly, we all know this is so true. We are the bad ones to this beautiful earth of ours. We're the ones that put cars and houses and roads and all these things that are ruining our beautiful Earth's environment so we need to start doing things, anything little like being a vrywilliger or being a little bit more active in our recycling. So just beskerm our planet.
4. hergebruik “to reuse”
Another thing we can do is hergebruik “to reuse”.
Ons kan baie van ons plastiek hergebruik. “We can reuse some of our plastic.”
It's so easy like I said before to just put your plastic on a separate pile and even better and quirky and very cute way is to reuse that plastic. I certainly do all the time, every little yogurt pot I have in the mornings or like a big bottle of water that is quite a cool bottle, nice shape, nice pattern or something, do something new like check up on Pinterest. Just Google in there, how to reuse a bottle and it comes up with millions of cool examples of what you can do. Make some cool plant parts, make some watering systems for your herbs or literally anything. I recently made some cool tables out of old wood pieces that I had. I don't know why but it's really easy to reuse things and plastic even better because, you know, plastic is not so great. So if you can reuse it in a quirky cool way, you don't have to buy a plant pot, you can make one, win-win.
5. bewaar “to conserve”
Die natuur moet bewaar word. “Nature needs to be conserved.”
Like I said before, we need to protect our planet, but we also need to conserve our planet. Make sure there's always some greenery around you. Make sure you support that local park or the gardens next to the street and don't throw your rubbish there or make sure no one builds a house on a nice beautiful mountain. We need to conserve our nature, conserve our animals and just make sure it's still there for our children and our grandchildren. People say these things all the time but it's so true. Make sure that the future will still be able to have this beautiful world that we’re living in right now.
6. Om eko-vriendelike produkte te gebruik “to use eco-friendly products”
Ꞌn Goeie manier is om eko-vriendelike produkte te gebruik. “A good way is to use eco-friendly products.”
What better way, I mean don't use the bad straws that they hand out at the takeaway that you got, don't ask for that extra pair of plastic fork and spoon when you go buy the burger after a night out or something or even just at home. Try to use things that you can reuse again. Use glass things that you can wash instead of things that you could throw away. Store things in old bottle of thingies instead of buying tupperware and putting it in there. If you reuse things or use products that are eco-friendly like bamboo or glass or all these things that aren't going to contribute to ruining our environment, it's such an easy way to feel good about the things that you use and put in yourself.
7. om fiets te ry “to ride a bike”
Om fiets te ry spaar geld. “Riding a bike saves money.”
It really does. You don't have to pay for petrol, you don't have to pay for car insurance, you don't have to pay for any of those things. All you have to pay for is a helmet, some little lights, maybe a bell and your bike and then voila, you're right there, you've got your exercise in for the day, you're not contributing to pollution and you feel better. People smile at you as you drive past and you get to work with a smile on your face because you have those endorphins pumping. Just ride a bike. It’s better for you, it's better for the environment, win-win-win-win-win, like I always say.
8. Om te gee vir die omgewing “to care for the environment”
Meer mense kan omgee vir die omgewing. “More people can care for the environment.”
If we teach our children to, if we stick to all the rules that we've just been through, then yes maybe we can encourage and inspire others to be like us, to do the same things, to be those earthly people that makes everyone cringe a little bit but also have so much pride for because they're the ones that after all, they're the ones that can make a difference in this world.
9. om energie te spaar “to save energy”
Daar is baie maniere om energie te spaar. “There are many ways to save energy.”
There's many ways to save energy. For example, it's so easy, when you leave your bedroom switch the light off. While you're brushing your teeth, close the tap while you're brushing and then just quickly rinse your toothbrush again after which. We're not just talking about electricity here, we're talking about anything that you can save, anything that's left on when it doesn't really need to be, switch the TV off, switch the radio off if you're not really listening, if it's just a little bit of background noise. Saving energy can save so much. Not only does it save you money, but it will also save all the extra things going into the air that we don't even know about. So just try, switch the light off next time you leave the room or, like I said, don't leave taps running. Water is so scarce and if you're not used to being scarce, come live in Cape Town.
10. om ꞌn boom te plant “to plant a tree”
Kinders geniet dit om ꞌn boom te plant. “Children enjoy planting trees.”
Not only children, I also love planting trees. What a nice way to add, to give back to our Mother Earth. People don't plant trees and often enough, people cut them down, left, right and center, make me a house, I need some wood, cut me down a forest. No!
So easy, just go to the local nursery, buy a little plant, buy a little tree, go find a piece of ground and stick it in. It's so easy and it helps our earth and it helps the air we're breathing be a little bit more clear. Planting trees is such an enriching experience, so much more than people think. So if you have children, if you have a niece or a nephew or your friend has a baby, not a baby, a child, take them to plant a tree, watch how much they enjoy it, watch how much you enjoy it, and then try make it a ritual, do it every week, do it every month, do it every year. It doesn't have to be that often but if every person plants a tree, think about the big difference that we can all make.
So we've reached the end of today's lesson, 10 ways to save the planet in Afrikaans. I hope with the 22nd coming up, with Earth Day around the corner, I hope that you're going to put some of those things in practice please. Let me know in the comments below if there's something that you resonate with. If you've planted a tree lately, let me know please so we can all congratulate you and everyone can know that you're a great human. What about some other tips to recycle, other things that we can do to reuse our plastic, if you like things I said, if you didn't like things I said, please click, follow, subscribe, do all those things and visit AfrikaansPod101.com and keep learning Afrikaans.