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Vocabulary Lists Sounds That Animals Make

Sounds That Animals Make

Geluide wat diere maak
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Lions roar; they go,
Leeus brul; hulle gaan, "Roaaaar!"
Lions roar; they go, "Roaaaar!"
Dogs bark; they go,
Honde blaf ; hulle gaan, "woef woef."
Dogs bark; they go, "Bow wow."
Cats meow; they go,
Cats miaau; hulle gaan, "miaau miaau."
Cats meow; they go, "Meow meow."
Cows moo; they go,
Koeie loei ; hulle gaan, "Mooooo."
Cows moo; they go, "Mooooo."
Pigs snort; they go,
Varke snork; hulle gaan, "og."
Pigs snort; they go, "Oink."
Sheeps baa; they go,
Skape blรชr; hulle gaan, "bรช."
Sheeps baa; they go, "Meehhhhh."
Bees buzz; they go,
Bye zoem; hulle gaan, "Bzzzzzzzzz."
Bees buzz; they go, "Bzzzzzzzzz."
Birds chirp; they go,
Voรซls tjirp; hulle gaan, "Tweet tweet."
Birds chirp; they go, "Tweet tweet."
Roosters crow; they go,
Hane kraai; hulle gaan, "KUKELEKU"
Roosters crow; they go, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"
Donkeys bray; they go,
Donkies balk; hulle gaan, "hie-h^o"
Donkeys bray; they go, "Hee-haw."
Horses whinny; they go,
Perde runnik; hulle gaan, "Neighhh."
Horses whinny; they go, "Neighhh."
Ducks quack; they go,
Eende kwaak; hulle gaan, "kwak kwak."
Ducks quack; they go, "Quack quack."
Frogs croak; they go,
Paddas kwaak; hulle gaan, "Kwaak!"
Frogs croak; they go, "Ribbit!"
Pigeons coo; they go,
Duiwe koer; hulle gaan, "koo koo."
Pigeons coo; they go, "Coo."
Mice squeak; they go,
Muise piep; hulle gaan, "piep!"
Mice squeak; they go, "Squeeeeek!"
Turkeys gobble; they go,
Kalkoene koel-koel.; hulle gaan, "koel koel koel"
Turkeys gobble; they go, "Gobble, gobble."
Owls hoot; they go,
Uile roep; hulle gaan, "Hoe-hoe!"
Owls hoot; they go, "Hooooo!"
Chicks peep; they go,
Kuikens piep; hulle gaan, "Piep!"
Chicks peep; they go, "Peep!"
Wolves howl; they go,
Wolwe huil; hulle gaan, "Awoooooo!"
Wolves howl; they go, "Awoooooo!"
Snakes hiss; they go,
Slange sis; hulle gaan, "Ssssssss."
Snakes hiss; they go, "Ssssssss."
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