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Newest Lessons

Inner Circle #7 - July 2014: Three Tactics for Maximizing Time & Making More Afrikaans Progress with this App

Inner Circle
In this Inner Circle, you’ll learn about another awesome learning tool that you already have exclusive access to. More specifically, you’ll learn the 3 tactics for maximizing your learning time and making more progress with the Innovative Language 101 App. The App has been incredibly useful in helping me reach my goal of 25 minutes of pure Italian conversation. In this edition, I’ll reveal my step-by-step routines that you can apply or use as a template for your own learning. Inside this Inner Circle edition, you’ll learn...   1. How to take advantage of the Innovative Language 101 App2. How to schedule routines to maximize your learning time3. How to boost your progress with harder lessons

Inner Circle #6 - June 2014: Prepare, Review & Speak More Afrikaans with the Custom Lists App

Inner Circle
This month, we’re talking about how to best prepare for conversations with 1 effective tool. And more specifically, 3 ways you can dramatically improve your Afrikaans simply by preparing and reviewing lists. And not just ordinary, tedious, hand-written lists...we mean an exclusive Web App, that you already have access to, called Custom Lists. Inside this Inner Circle edition, you’ll learn...   1. How to take advantage of the Custom Lists Web App2. Why you need to prepare word lists based on YOUR interests3. Three Ways I used Custom Lists to reach my monthly language goal

Inner Circle #5 - May 2014: Mastering Afrikaans with an Online Tutor vs. an In-Person Tutor

Inner Circle
Last month, I gave you 4 tactics for achieving your Afrikaans goals when your motivation is down. Motivation is a popular topic and many of you responded with your own stories and strategies on bouncing back! Thank you! This month, I started learning Italian with an in-person tutor. So, the big question is: Is learning language with an online Skype tutor the same as an in-person tutor? Do you even need an in-person tutor if one’s available online? Inside this Inner Circle edition, you’ll learn... 1. Why My Skype Lessons Have Been Going Well2. The 3 Advantages of a Skype Tutor 3. The 3 Differences of Learning With an In-Person Tutor 4. The One Killer Advantage of an In-Person Tutor

Inner Circle #4 - April 2014: How To Achieve Your Afrikaans Goal When Your Motivation is Low

Inner Circle
Last month, I gave you 3 key ways to stay motivated to accomplish your Afrikaans goal. Then my e-mail inbox overflowed. It was amazing to see just how many of you wanted to know more. And many Inner Circle Members hit on a crucial point: motivation doesn’t always last. So, how do you achieve your language goals when your motivation is low? Inside this Inner Circle edition, you’ll learn the 4 tactics that successful learners use. Believe it or not, you’re already doing one of these right now:   Find a way to enjoy learning You must see your progress You must have something to lose Do it regardless of how you feel

Inner Circle #3 - March 2014: Secrets to Staying Motivated within in the Afrikaans Learning Routine

Inner Circle
Last month, you learned about adjusting your daily routines so you don’t have to fail your goals. And now that you’ve set your goals and routines, what’ll happen when you run low on motivation? If you’re not motivated to consistently sit down and follow those goals and routines, they’re worth as much as the paper they’re written on. So, how do you stay motivated in your routine? Inside this Inner Circle edition, you’ll learn the 3 secrets to staying motivated...   1. The power of having a talented tutor2. A bit of cheating3. Technological tricks to speed your process up