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Lesson Transcript

Finally, you're at the table and at your seat. Now it's time to order!
In this lesson, we'll cover how to ask for a menu and then order your food and drinks.
Normally, to get the waiter's attention, you can simply ask, Verskoon my, which is a polite way to say, "Excuse me," when the waiter is passing by.
(slow) Verskoon my.
Verskoon my.
Then you can ask for a menu by saying, Mag ek die spyskaart sien? which is, "May I see the menu?"
(slow) Mag ek die spyskaart sien?
Mag ek die spyskaart sien?
The first word, mag, meaning, "may."
(slow) mag
Next we have spyskaart, meaning, "menu."
(slow) spyskaart
The last word is sien, which stands for "to see."
(slow) sien
To recap, let's repeat the whole sentence one more time.
Verskoon my, mag ek die spyskaart sien?
It means "Excuse me, may I see the menu?"
Once you have looked at the menu, you can finally call the waiter to order.
South African menus don't always follow a standard pattern. However, you will usually find voorgereg which means "appetizers," sop meaning "soup," hoofgereg, for "main entrées," drankies for ”drinks", and nagereg, for "desserts."
In South Africa, after the waiter shows you to your table, he or she will usually ask for your drink. When you look ready to order, the waiter may ask you, Het u gekies? This literary means, "Have you chosen?"
(slow) Het u gekies?
Het u gekies?
First we have the verb het which means, "have."
(slow) het
Next we have u which means “you.”
(slow) u
And the last word is gekies. This is a form of the verb kies which means, "to choose."
(slow) gekies
If you're not sure what to order, you can always ask the staff for recommendations. The appropriate question in such a situation would be Wat beveel u aan? This means, "What do you recommend, sir?"
(slow) Wat beveel u aan?
Wat beveel u aan?
First word Wat means "what"
(slow) Wat
Then we have u, meaning "you." We have to use the polite form here because the waiter is not our friend and so we cannot use the informal jy. Let’s hear this word once again.
(slow) u
The two words that follow are beveel and aan, they together make one verb, aanbeveel which means "to recommend." Let's break the verb down.
(slow) aan-be-veel
Let's listen to the whole phrase one more time. Wat beveel u aan?
This means ”What do you recommend, sir?"

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