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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson we'll cover an extremely important phrase, "Where is the bathroom?"

Lesson focus

In Afrikaans, "Where is the bathroom?" is Waar is die badkamer? Let's break it down by syllable.
(slow) Waar is die badkamer?
Now let's hear it again. Waar is die badkamer?
First we have the word waar, meaning “where.”
(slow) waar
Next, we have is which is like “is” in English.
(slow) is
Finally, we have the article die and the word for “bathroom” which is badkamer.
(slow) die badkamer
die badkamer
All together, “Where is the bathroom?”
(slow) Waar is die badkamer?
Waar is die badkamer?
We can make this phrase more formal by adding "Excuse me," which in Afrikaans is Verskoon my.
(slow) Verskoon my.
Verskoon my.
Using this expression, you can say “Excuse me, where is the toilet?” In Afrikaans that’s Verskoon my, waar is die toilet?
(slow) Verskoon my, waar is die toilet?
Verskoon my, waar is die toilet?
In South Africa, there aren’t a lot of public toilets. You’ll probably have better luck in a nearby café, restaurant, or gas station. Look for the sign “WC,” pronounced [wee-cee] . But if you aren’t a customer, you’ll sometimes have to pay for using the toilet unless it’s open to the public.
When you finally get to the restroom, there may be one last problem—How to know which bathroom is for men, and which is for women. We usually have signs on the bathroom door. For women, this could be a figure of a girl or a circle. They may also use the word Vroue, meaning “women.”
Once again..
(slow) Vroue
For men, you may see the word Mans.
(slow) Mans