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Lesson Transcript

Hallo almal! Ek is Annemarie. Hi everybody! I’m Annemarie. Welcome to AfrikaansPod101.com’s Afrikaans in 3 minuten. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Afrikaans.
In the last lesson, you learned the phrase Praat u Engels? which means "Do you speak English?" We also mentioned the word Skuustog, which means "excuse me". In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to use this expression, and other phrases as well, when apologizing in Afrikaans.
We use Skuustog in formal situations, such as when we are ordering something in bars or restaurants. For example-
Skuustog, een koffie asseblief.
"Excuse me, a coffee please."
We can also use it when asking a question-
Skuustog, waar is de uitgang?
"Excuse me, where is the exit?"
Here are some other words you can use for saying “excuse me.”
Ekskuus. You can use this to get somebody’s attention in a formal situation.
[slowly] Ekskuus.
In informal situations, the way to say "excuse me" is just - Sorry
[slowly] Sorry.
All three words, skuustog, ekskuus, and sorry can be used when trying to get someone’s attention, or when apologizing. However, you might want to use different phrase to apologize if you really want to sound sincere.
That phrase is Ek is jammer. It means “I am sorry.” and can be used in both formal and informal situations.
[slowly] Ek is jammer.
First we have ek which means “I.” Next, we have is which means “is”. Then we say the Afrikaans word for “regret”, jammer.
Ek is jammer.
Now it’s time for Annmarie’s Tips.
There’s one big reason that you should know how to say “I’m sorry” in Afrikaans. South Africans love the fact that someone is making an effort by trying to communicate in Afrikaans, but if you apologize in Afrikaans, they will say dit is okay which means “It’s okay.”
Are you are able to count in Afrikaans? In the next lesson we will learn the numbers in Afrikaans from “one” to “ten.” I'll see you in the next “Afrikaans in 3 minuten” lesson. Lekker dag!