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Lesson Transcript

Hallo almal! Ek is Annemarie. Hi everybody! I’m Annemarie. Welcome to AfrikaansPod101.com’s Afrikaans in 3 minuten, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Afrikaans.
In the last lesson, you learned how to easily use Afrikaans adjectives.
In this lesson, we’ll start a series dedicated to the most common Afrikaans verbs – the ones you will definitely hear all the time!
The first verb in our series will be gaan, which means "to go." You’ll use this word along with different prepositions and destinations. So, let’s go!
Imagine your friend asks you Waar gaan jy op vakansie? That means "Where are you going on vacation?"
Say you’re going on a safari, for example. You’d say Ek gaan op ‘n safari. “I’m going on a safari.”
Or what if you’re going to the beach? You could say, Ek gaan see toe. meaning “I’m going to the beach.”
[slowly] Ek gaan op ‘n safari.
[slowly] Ek gaan see toe.
Let’s break down these answers.
First we have Ek gaan, which is "I am going to "
After that, we simply have the destination, together with the appropriate preposition in Afrikaans - op ‘n safari meaning “on a safari” and see toe meaning “to the beach.”
Here, op is the preposition “on” and ‘n safari is the destination, meaning “a safari.”
On the other hand, see is the destination, meaning “the beach” and toe is the preposition “to.”
Ek gaan op ‘n safari.
Ek gaan see toe.
So now let’s have a closer look at the prepositions you can use with gaan. Don’t worry, it’s very simple!
As you can see from the previous examples, op means “on” and toe means “to.” They’re used in pretty much in the same way the English prepositions “on and “to” are used. However, note that the preposition toe comes after the noun - just as in the case of see toe meaning “to the beach.”
Now it’s time for Annemarie’s Tips.
In Afrikaans, if you want to ask where you and your friends are going, you’ll need to replace the pronoun jy with ons, which means “we.”
So that you get Waar gaan ons? meaning “Where are we going?”
The answer could be, for instance-
Ons gaan na die swembad toe, which is “We’re going to the pool.”
You can also make a question by rephrasing the sentence like this-
Gaan ons na die swembad toe? meaning “Are we going to the pool?”
In this lesson, you learned how to use the much-used verb gaan with the correct prepositions toe and op, “to” and “on.”
Next time we’ll learn another very useful verb, doen. Do you know what this verb means? I’ll be waiting for you with the answer in the next Afrikaans in 3 minuten lesson. Lekker dag!