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Lesson Transcript

Hello, it's Christine again! We're here today again in 10 phrases that you never want to hear. Oh, so these are all gonna be very negative, I'm really sorry, I don't want to offend anyone but when I'm saying these things, I'm not saying them to you, I'm just telling you them so that when someone says them to you, you know that you should probably act in a, in a scared or a sorry way because you don't want to know these things.
1. Het jy onlangs gewig opgetel? "Have you gained weight recently?"
It's quite a harsh thing to say to someone. Something you should learn but not say, no, it's so that if someone tells you, you can be like, no, I haven't, thanks, and it's got nothing to do with you anyway. And if you have, who cares? Love yourself, love your body, and ignore people who ask you if you've picked up weight.
2. Jy het 'n grys haar. "You have a gray hair."
This is quite scary, especially if you're getting a little bit older but not that much older, and you're finding a grys haar, and you're like, my life is going so quickly! But it's not the end of the world, it's fine, just pluck it out or dye it or actually just own it! Go gray! Gray is the new black. Well, I don't know if gray is the new gray, but own it! Own yourself and your body and your hair and everything, it's making you a happier person that way.
3. Ek het jou gesê! "I told you so!"
I hate hearing this from people because it means you were wrong and ek het jou gesê, it sounds so condescending. But if you're the one to say it, you're feeling a little bit better, so I guess it's one to learn and hopefully use.
4. Jy is afgedank! "You're fired!"
So this one is quite terrible. No one really wants to hear that, and unfortunately, in Afrikaans it doesn't even have that punch, like, jy is afgedan, it doesn't really sound as much as "you're fired"... but yeah, if someone says that to you, I'm really sorry. Good luck finding a new job, and maybe ask why, so that you can change something, I guess.
5. Dit is nie jy nie, dit is ek. "It is not you, it is me."
Another one that we definitely don't want to hear if you were in a relationship, and they're ending things with you or telling you something and it's... it's not you, it's me. Yeah right! It probably is you but they're just trying to be polite. But if you're using this one, maybe don't. Like, learn it in Afrikaans - dit is nie jy nie, dit is ek; but don't use it in that way because most of the time it's just something that softens the blow but it doesn't really actually do that.
6. Dankie vir jou CV. ons het die posisie gevul. "Thank you for your resume. However, the position has been filled."
Unfortunately, you've just been fired and now you're trying to find a new job, and they're telling you that there's no more new job left and you're just not in a great space, and I'm really sorry if you're in this space. I'm just wishing you all the best of luck and hopefully you never have to hear these things. Sorry!
7. Ons moet ander mense sien. "We should see other people."
This is almost as bad as "it's not you, it's me" thing and except that it's a little bit more open and honest and just telling people how you feel. So I guess if you're in that position, remember how to say - Ons moet ander mense sien.
8. Ek het nie jou geld vandag nie. "I don't have your money today."
That sucks! If it's the end of the month and you kind of run through all your... spendings have been high and you've run through all your savings, and your boss tells you that they don't have your geld, and it sucks, and it means you're gonna have to be living on rice or popcorn or something for a couple of days. I mean, I've been there, but yeah, not a great one to hear either. Hey, these things are making me feel like life is very hard right now.
9. Ons moet praat. "We need to talk."
Here's another one of those relationship shooters that we really don't like to hear, even though sometimes they can be positive, you know, like we need to talk about moving in together or something like that. But since we're in this list, we're gonna assume that ons moet praat means that we're gonna be seeing other people, or something along those unfortunate lines.
10. Jou kar is gesteel. "Your car is stolen."
Definitely, don't want to hear that ever! It's a lot of money and a lot of issues and a lot of admin to get that fixed and get it back or get it found or get a new one or insurance or like... Ah! There's so many things that come with this stupid little sentence - Jou kar is gesteel! So pay a car guard or park in a parking lot, or try not to put your car in a place where it can be stolen.
So we've come to the end of today's lesson, finally, of 10 things that you never want to hear. And hopefully you never hear those things I'm really sorry if you do, let me know in the comments below if you've ever been told any of those things. Whether in Afrikaans or another language and how you responded, what you did, and maybe you can motivate some other people to not have such a negative response to these negative sayings. And I'm really sorry but they're good to know in life. And so yeah, remember to do Afrikaans with AfrikaansPod101.com